Improving System Performance with EJOT
Our contribution towards your goals

Fasteners -

are small parts with an Overall big effect.
They are part of a system. We thoroughly examine this system, for your benefit.

Utilise cost saving potentials and lower the system cost of your assemblies with EJOT!

Up to 20% of the costs -

of a joint can be attributed to the pure costs of the fastening elements. 80% of the costs of a joint are made up of design engineering, logistics, assembly, procurement and quality  assurance. With EJOT you can increase your system performance and thus reduce the total costs of the joint.

EJOT translates customer requirements into individual product solutions. This know-how is the basis for our growth and has helped us evolve into a market leader within the fastener industry.

  • individual fastening solutions
  • worldwide support through application engineers
  • high product availability through international presence
  • expert hotline advice for technical questions

EJOT® The Quality Connection

sums up our daily work. On the one hand the strive for highest product quality for your fastening applications. On the other hand, the cooperative partnership with  people inside and outside of our company, beyond the purely technical aspect.

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